Our Bodies Demand Sunshine


A collection of conversations and recorded voices are projected onto the structure of 67 Ludlow's cellar in focused, directional waves. Mechanized parametric speakers reflect sound off support beams, walls, floors and the metallic screen prints installed throughout the space. These structural details of the cellar act as audible reflectors. Voices and chatter fracture the interior and the signals split focus into multiple angles and points. Noise cancellation frequencies collide, overlap and merge with the voices, producing perceptual masks and barriers on different sides of the underground space.

Window tinting patterns screen printed on roofing metal are mounted across the cellar. These commercial tinting patterns are used to create a sense of separation, shielding light and sound while maintaining a degree of translucency. The prints are distorted during the screening process as enamel paint bleeds and oxidizes the metallic surface. Acoustic and visual cancellation break apart patterns and voices to produce an endless realignment of divisions.