Bleep’s ‘Album of the Year’. To celebrate we have announced Icons+a deluxe edition with two additional songs alongside a range of new formats: mono cassette (x100), clear blue vinyl (x500), candle by Joya Studio (x150). Alongside these objects we’re created a 3D spatial mix with Mach1. And on the major DSPs, conformed this unmatched Mach1 format down to Dolby Atmos. Space hangs within Icons, through Keszler location recording. A statement on form, you can now experience the album in (1.1) ︎ (2.1) ︎︎ (7.2.1) ︎ (3D) ︎ (Scent)

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Clothing ︎ Shipping Worldwide 
x100 per style, organic cotton
photography by Leia Jospé